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Items or services vital to everyday life.
Things like food, housing and transportation are considered basic needs. The agencies listed in this category generally serve those that have a low monthly income or cannot adequately provide for themselves.

Examples: Food, Clothing, Financial Help, General, Household Items & Furniture

Services relating to mental health or relationships.
Agencies within this category will priovide services like marriage counseling, anger management and drug abuse support groups.

Examples: Information & Referral, Baby Care, Mental Health, Miscellaneous

Services centered around families.
Agencies within this category provide services that provide for the needs specific to families.

Examples: Skilled Nursing, Transportation, Adolescent, Services

Services relating to personal health.
Health screenings, treatment facilities and hospitals would be the type of agencies listed in this category.

Examples: Medical Care/Therapy, Education, Case Management, Adult

Services provided to the public, generally regardless of your situation.
Fire departments, training programs and schools would be agencies found in this category.

Examples: Schools/Colleges, Transportation - Public, Safety, Adult Education

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